Vegan Travel: Finding Plant-Based Options Around the World

Welcome to the ultimate guide for globetrotting vegans! Exploring the world as a vegan can be a culinary adventure, and in this comprehensive article, we’ll show you how to find plant-based options no matter where you travel. From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the charming cafes of Paris, you can savor vegan delights worldwide.

The Rise of Vegan Travel

Vegan travel is on the rise, with more people choosing plant-based diets and seeking vegan options when they explore new destinations. Let’s dive into the world of vegan travel and discover how to make the most of it.

1. Why Choose Vegan Travel?

Embracing vegan travel not only aligns with your ethical and environmental values but also offers a chance to explore unique local cuisines that may surprise you with their vegan-friendly offerings.

2. Challenges of Vegan Travel

While vegan travel is rewarding, it does come with some challenges. Language barriers, unfamiliar ingredients, and limited vegan awareness in certain regions can make it a bit tricky. But with the right approach, these challenges can be overcome.

Before Your Journey

Preparation is key when embarking on a vegan travel adventure. Here’s what you should do before you go:

1. Research Your Destination

Study your travel destination to find out if it’s vegan-friendly. Look for vegan restaurants, grocery stores, and local vegan dishes that you must try.

2. Learn the Local Language

Learning a few basic phrases in the local language can help you communicate your dietary needs and preferences effectively.

3. Pack Vegan Essentials

Bring vegan snacks, such as dried fruits, nuts, and energy bars, to keep you fueled during your journey, especially in places with limited vegan options.

Questions About Vegan Travel

Q: How do I find vegan-friendly restaurants abroad?

A: To discover vegan-friendly restaurants, you can use apps like HappyCow or search online for vegan blogs and forums dedicated to your travel destination.

Q: What should I do if I can’t find vegan options on a menu?

A: If vegan options aren’t available on the menu, don’t hesitate to ask the restaurant staff if they can prepare a custom vegan dish for you. Most places are willing to accommodate special dietary requests.

Q: What are some common non-vegan ingredients to watch out for when traveling?

A: Be aware of ingredients like fish sauce, oyster sauce, and hidden animal broths that may appear in dishes you wouldn’t expect them in. It’s important to ask about ingredients to ensure your meal is truly vegan.

Exploring Vegan-Friendly Destinations

Now, let’s take a culinary journey around the world and discover some vegan-friendly destinations known for their delicious plant-based options:

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok offers a plethora of vegan street food, from fragrant green curries to crispy spring rolls. Don’t miss trying ‘Pad Thai’ with tofu.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s vegan scene is thriving with diverse options, including vegan doner kebabs, savory pretzels, and delightful pastries.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a vegan paradise, offering a wide range of vegan falafels, hummus, and refreshing tahini salads.

4. London, United Kingdom

London boasts a variety of vegan options, including vegan English breakfasts, vegan fish and chips, and an array of vegan pubs.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali offers an abundance of tropical fruits, coconut-based dishes, and vegan-friendly warungs (local restaurants) with a laid-back atmosphere.

6. Los Angeles, USA

LA is known for its vegan celebrity chefs, trendy vegan cafes, and vegan versions of classic American comfort food.

Vegan-Friendly Cuisines to Explore

When traveling, you’ll encounter diverse cuisines with their own unique vegan offerings. Here are some cuisines to explore:

1. Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine often features dishes with tofu, fresh herbs, and vegetables. Try vegan green curry, pad see ew, and mango sticky rice.

2. Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine has a plethora of vegan options, including chana masala, aloo gobi, and various types of dosas. Make sure to specify no ghee (clarified butter).

3. Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean dishes like falafel, hummus, tabbouleh, and baba ganoush are typically vegan. Enjoy them with warm pita bread.

Vegan Accommodation Options

Choosing the right accommodation plays a significant role in your vegan travel experience:

1. Vegan Hotels

Some hotels specifically cater to vegans, offering plant-based room service, cruelty-free toiletries, and even vegan cooking classes.

2. Self-Catering Apartments

Consider booking self-catering apartments with kitchen facilities, allowing you to prepare your own vegan meals and explore local markets for fresh produce.

3. Communicating Your Dietary Needs

When booking accommodation, don’t forget to communicate your dietary preferences. Many hotels and hosts are willing to accommodate vegan guests with suitable meal options.

Vegan-Friendly Travel Tips

Ensure your vegan travel is smooth and enjoyable with these practical tips:

1. Download Vegan Apps

Install vegan apps like HappyCow, Vegan Passport, and Vegman to discover vegan restaurants, translate dietary needs, and locate vegan-friendly stores during your trip.

2. Visit Local Markets

Exploring local markets can be an exciting part of vegan travel. You’ll find fresh produce, unique ingredients, and local vegan snacks to try.

3. Join Vegan Travel Tours

Consider joining vegan travel tours and groups led by experts who know the best vegan spots and can connect you with like-minded travelers.

Local Vegan Etiquette

When traveling as a vegan, it’s essential to be respectful of local customs and to understand the cultural aspects of veganism in the region you’re visiting:

1. Learn Local Phrases

Learn how to say “I’m vegan” and “no animal products, please” in the local language. It shows respect for the local culture and helps you communicate your dietary preferences effectively.

2. Be Open to New Experiences

Embrace the opportunity to try traditional dishes that have been adapted for vegans. Local cuisine can be a delightful surprise, and you can discover unique flavors that are cruelty-free.

3. Connect with Locals

Engage with local vegans or those knowledgeable about veganism in the area. They can provide valuable insights and recommend the best vegan spots off the beaten path.

Vegan Travel as a Culinary Adventure

Remember, vegan travel isn’t just about finding plant-based meals; it’s about exploring new cultures, connecting with like-minded individuals, and contributing to a more sustainable world. Every meal you enjoy as a vegan traveler makes a positive impact.


Traveling the world as a vegan is a rewarding and enriching experience. It offers you the chance to explore diverse cuisines, discover new flavors, and connect with local communities that share your values. With proper preparation and the right mindset, vegan travel becomes an adventure that leaves you with unforgettable memories and a deeper appreciation for the global vegan community.

So, pack your bags, learn a few local phrases, and embark on a journey that showcases the beauty of vegan travel. Bon voyage!

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