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Hey there, fellow herbivore humorists! Got a burning question, a hilarious vegan anecdote, or just want to say hi? We’d love to hear from you! Our team of leafy greens (and avocado lovers) is just a carrot’s throw away.

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We know you’re super eager to chat, and we don’t want you to feel like you’re stuck in a potato sack race. Here’s how you can grab our attention:

  1. Send us your quirkiest vegan jokes or puns. We’re suckers for a good “lettuce romaine friends” kind of humor.
  2. Use lots of emoji, especially ones involving vegetables, rainbows, or smiling broccoli.
  3. Share your most embarrassing plant-based kitchen mishap. Trust us, we’ve been there.
  4. Start your email with “Knock knock” and let the vegan fun begin.

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We may be a bunch of veggies, but we’re super excited to connect with you! So, don’t be shy. Whether you want to discuss your favorite vegan ice cream flavor, share a vegan life hack, or just say hello, drop us a line at

Remember, laughter is the best side dish, and we’re here to serve up a heaping plate of it!